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Builders Risk Insurance

A Builders Risk Insurance Policy is required for all buildings that are under construction.  Only Builders risk coverage covers the unique loss and exposures of buildings that are are still in development.

New York Builders Risk Insurance

A standard Building or Homeowners Insurance policy will not cover a property that is still under development, meaning that any accident that could occur at the work site would not be insured.  A Builders Risk Insurance policy protects property owners from this specific exclusion, ensuring that the property remains covered throughout the duration of its construction.  A Builders Risk policy will even replace itself with permanent property insurance upon completion, so that there is never a time when you are lapsed in coverage.

DurAmerica Brokerage specializes in Builders Risk Insurance, our professionals negotiate with multiple A Rated insurance companies so that we can guarantee that our clients obtain the best coverage at the lowest cost.

What Coverage Supplements Builders Risk Insurance?

A Builders Risk Insurance Policy is a property only insurance policy, it covers the structure and materials on the job site.  It does not cover any liability for the owner of the project or the contractor, meaning that it does not protect against a lawsuit that a worker may file if they are injured working on your property. We can write a Contractors Liability Policy for general contractors or offer a Owners Protective Policy for the homeowners.

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